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by Maturo

Released 2011
TMM MusicWorks
Released 2011
TMM MusicWorks
The forth full length studio album from MATURO in over 8 years. Infinity boasts 16 tracks of Ambient/New Age/Chill/Electronic music that is bound to satisfy every listener that comes across it. Move over Enigma and Delerium, MATURO is here!
MATURO has been around in some respects since 1997 when Troy MATURO released his first full length album "Carpe Diem" in that year. Since then he has released two more full length albums "Forever"(1998) and "Sanctuary"(2002). Now in 2011 after a 6 year sabbatical , "Infinity" is the culmination of 3 years of work that has finally come to fruition. Infinity's first single "Truly Eve" proved the new material to be a step in the right direction by being nominated …
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