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MATURO song "AURORA" nominated form Hollywood Music Media Award.


My new song "Aurora" has been nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media Award for 2017. This is the 4th nomination that I have received since 2011. The award ceremony is on November 16th 2017 and I will be attending. The song is available on, iTunes, and most online retailers. Cheers...

Blade Runner 2049 Re-Score



So I've always been a fan of the Original "Blade Runner" movie from the 80's. So when the new trailer dropped for the sequel, I wasn't quite feeling the score for it. I decided to re-score it, music, sound design, and some dialogue. Here it is, and Subscribe to the MATURO channel on YouTube. Cheers...





Into the Equinox (Original Motion Picture Score) by MATURO is out now!


I have released the score album to the movie "Into the Equinox" (late 2017) a Horror/Thriller on all digital platforms. It was great fun to work with Rydell Danzie (Director) on this project. His vision was very tribal/indigenous throughout with elements of traditional and hip tones as well. Below are a couple links...


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MATURO is on Patreon


You can now keep up with all the latest releases as soon as they are available on Patreon. The coolest way to support and receive music! Read and check it out! 

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New Music! AURORA SIngle/Ep out next week!


Its been 5 1/2 Years but the wait is over. New music is going to be flying out of the studio now. 2017 brings new music, ideas and more innovative way to get you guys more in control of my music. 


With that said, the "Aurora" single/Ep will be released next week and here is the track list:

1. Aurora (album version)

2. Aurora (the nubile mix)

3. Elan Soul 

4. Passing

Check back here or go to the Facebook Page for more updates on the release.

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Internet Radio Interview "Live" June 26 2015 on G-Rated Radio


I will be a special guess on G-Rated Radio tomorrow Friday night June 26-2015 from 7-8pm USA Pacific time. We will be discussing a whole lot of things and its "LIVE" so you can call in to ask anything you like. The link is below and the call in number is 1(323) 657-1493 USA


Click the link to tune in...

p.s. if you miss it, the shows are archived and you can listen when its convenient, plus it will be posted on youtube.

MATURO Song "NeverTech" Nominated for 2015 HMMA


I am happy to announce that MATURO's song "NeverTech" has been nominated for a 2015 Hollywood Music and Media Award! This is the third nomination for MATURO in the last few years. Other nominations were "Truly Eve" and "Serenity". I am very excited and will be hitting the Red Carpet on November 19th 2015 at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood.


MATURO T-Shirts Have Arrived!!!


MATURO shirts are here! We have male and female cuts in many styles and sizes! Please visit the "STORE" navigation tab to purchase! Please note: All Styles pictured are not yet available, but they will be soon! Store items are available!



Took a while but MATURO is finally on INSTAGRAM, so search "MATUROMUSIC" or "TROY MATURO" to follow.

Studio Featured in Electronic Musicians Magazine.



My recording/midi studio was featured in the "Dig My Rig" section of Electronic Musicians Magazine. It was very nice to see that my work zone was appreciated by the professionals there...



It was hard to pick a winner for this contest, I took in many factors when choosing these ones and thank you to all that participated.

First with the Domestic:

"Ambient101" is the winner of the iTunes contest.

Second is the International:

I had a hard time with this one because of the time that it took for everyone to take their picture and send it in. So I decided to give 3 prizes, 1 top= all cd's and cards, and 2 runners up= any CD they want of the five and one Download card(Sanctuary or Infinity).

Top Prize is: Jackson, Light Painting MATURO in Gangnam, South Korea.

First runner up is: Piotr, with Sanctuary and MATURO MUSIC in Piaseczno, Poland.

Second runner up is: Veronique, Braving the cold snow storm with "Belgium loves MATURO MUSIC" at Laarne Kasteel, Belgium.

Thank you to everyone that sent in pictures and left reviews, I am sorry that I could choose everyone but it was a contest. I have another one planned for the beginning of the new year. It is going to be very cool, trust me!

So winners contact me at email and give me your info, and runner ups, your cd  and download card choice!

Thank you again to everyone, it was very fun!


CONTEST December 2012: Win 5 CD's/10 Download Cards! $150 value!



I am holding a contest to win all "five" full length MATURO albums (Infinity, Sanctuary, Forever, Carpe Diem, and Piano all the Pieces, I will sign them if you like!) plus 10 download cards (5-Infinity and 5-Sanctuary). There will be two winners one Domestic (inside USA) and one international (outside USA) both with their own contest rules. Read them below!!!

Domestic Contest:

It is the old iTunes review contest! leave a review on iTunes USA (you can leave as many reviews as your like, there are 7 titles) and I will pick my favorite review. You do not have to purchase on iTunes to review, for example: if you bought a CD at a show or online and want to review it, you do not have to buy it on iTunes to review it, just have an iTunes account. Note: If you have already reviewed a MATURO album on iTunes, you can review a different album if you like, do not delete the one you left previously. The review dates posted on iTunes will let me keep track of your review. The winners will be posted on the MATURO Facebook page on the 15th of December. I want them to get to you by X-mas if you want to give them as gifts and what not...

International Contest:

Simply take a MATURO anything (cd cover, print out the word MATURO MUSIC on a piece of paper, hand write it if you like, write it on your body, anything you can think of, even something off the internet). Take it to a local place or landmark that says where you are in the world, for example: a city sign, airport sign, train station, etc. You must be in the picture with your MATURO item and location visible. Post it on the MATURO Facebook page, or email it to Have it done by December 15th and I will ship them priority so you will have them in less than 7 days...

CONTEST ENDS December 15th: I will post winners HERE and on the MATURO Facebook page, once announced, get a hold of me via email and I will get your mailing info!

New Studio is complete!


The new studio titled "Dark Room Studio" is complete and now it is time to get to work on the new material. It has been a year since new music has been written so the anticipation of this studio being finished has been high. I do not plan to disappoint! 

New Studio, New Project!

Hello Everyone, been enjoying the new year with a bit of a break, over the next month I will be upgrading my studio to a larger dedicated environment which will give me the green light to start on some new projects, I have plenty of ideas and new tracks on hold because of this. Nothing worse than relocating mid project. This does not effect the live performances.

MATURO Nominated for a Second 2011 HMMA Award

MATURO has been nominated for a second 2011 HMMA award for the song "Serenity". So now "Truly Eve" and "Serenity" have been nominated in the New Age/Ambient category. The Hollywood Music in Media Award ceremony is to be held on November 17th 2011 in the Kodak Theater Complex, Hollywood, Ca.

INFINITY Release Party Sept. 23rd 2011


Come and celebrate MATURO's newest album "Infinity" at Clubhouse 66 in my hometown Glendora, CA. It will be a full night packed with music, food, drinks, lots of giveaways, and more. Live performance will be a one hour set starting at approx. 8:15pm featuring the full band, Troy Maturo, Guy Maturo, and Alec Torres, so be there early enough to catch it. Then hang-out the rest of the night with a Meet and Greet while listening to live 80's and 90's music performed by "The Encounters". Clubhouse 66 has NO cover and is kid friendly, so every one is invited. There is no need to RSVP, but if you would like to, RSVP on facebook, myspace, reverbnation, or email, we would like a semi-close count of people attending. Cheers and see you there!

The new Album "INFINITY" has released on iTunes!


After almost 3 years the new album "INFINITY" has released on iTunes,, Napster, and Cd Baby with all other online stores to follow soon. If you are looking for the Physical CD, it will be release in late August 2011. The new album has a new look compared to the original design, but the sound is the same MATURO you know. With 16 tracks and the first Lyrical song by MATURO, this album was worth the wait.

Download it now on iTunes, just click on the album cover below:

Winner of the June Contest.


Thank you everyone that sent a review in on iTunes, but I did narrow it down to one review in particular. That review was posted by "Vampirate Jessica", so please email me at:

I will need your Facebook, MySpace, or Revernation screen name to confirm then I will email you back the details...

Thanks again,


MATURO June Contest! Free Stuff!


Win the MATURO Drum Kit Banner, A Sanctuary album CD, a MATURO sticker, and a CDbaby download card for the new album Infinity (release date July 2011) which will be mailed out separately when released.

Details (please click "READ MORE" at bottom then scroll text box for all the info)

1. Go to iTunes USA and leave a review (hopefully positive) on any MATURO album or for a song if you like. (You do not have to purchase to leave a review, just be an iTunes account holder.)

2. I will post the winner's "review title" and "user name" on Here, Facebook, ReverbNation and MySpace on June 26th 2011

3. If you are announced, email to for confirmation and I will send you the Banner, CD, and Sticker immediately. (Infinity CDbaby download card in July)

4. This Contest is for Facebook, MySpace, and ReverbNation fans only, so become a fan if you aren't already. You will need to give me your social site and first Name to claim. More info will be in the confirmation email to the winner. 


MATURO Drum Kit Performance Banner is 19.5" X 19.5". Note: This is not for the large Banner.

NeverTech Single/EP is available.

My new Single/EP NeverTech is up on iTunes and CD baby with other distributors to follow. It is the 2nd single from my forthcoming album "Infinity" which will be released this summer. NeverTech has 4 mixes and is a bit more edgy than my normal sound. Cheers!

click icon for iTunes store.

Infinity Album release update


After so long of juggling work, music, shows and family, I have finally finished the last song for the new album “Infinity“.  This comes on the brink of Online sales shooting through the roof and also being nominated for a 2011 Hollywood Music in Media Award for the song “Truly Eve“. The release of “Infinity” has been an ongoing joke among my close friends and fans about the time it has taken, but with nothing more than a final mix down and mastering, it should be released this spring. I have elected to release it first Digitally on all online music sites and the Physical CD in Summer. I truly believe that “Infinity” will show to be my best work as it continues to bring an eclectic feel as I have done with all the previous albums, a little bit of everything for everyone.

The unofficial track list...

MATURO Nominated For 2011 HMMA Award


Announced this morning MATURO's song "TRULY EVE" has been nominated for an HMMA Award (The Hollywood Music in Media Awards).

The Main Event will take place on Thursday, November 17th, 2011 at The Highlands at the world famous Kodak Theater Complex in Hollywood, CA.

The Hollywood Music in Media Awards recognizes and honors the music in visual mediums, the talented individuals responsible for creating and placing it, and the music of both mainstream and independent artists from around the globe for their compositions and recordings in all forms of media including film, TV, video games, commercial advertisements, movie trailers and music videos. The HMMA is also the first music awards event to recognize and honor excellence in music supervision. In addition, iconic individuals are presented with special awards for outstanding career achievement and...



Going to hit 2011 with some new show venues and more new music.

-itunes and online sales continue to grow

-working on some videos to utilize the online medium

-going to release some MATURO-ALT tracks for digital download

-a new all ambient only project will release

-and believe it or not, "INFINITY" will finally be release this year! Promise!

Lyrical songs on the way


Well after so long to have finally completed the music only tracks on Infinity, it is time to work on the 2 vocal songs. The first being a redux version of "Tears in Rain" with all new music and a smooth beat to bring it up to a new level. Plus I am very happy that I have secured "Cari Golden" (a well sought after Hollywood talent in the electronic world of music) to lay down that vocal tracks. We go into studio this Tuesday to record and it will be non other than "C.G. Ryche" who will engineer the mix. The other song "My World" is a different more upbeat track compared to Tears, and I am not set yet on the vocalist, I have been in talks with Joanna Stevens of "Delerium, Conjure One, Solar Twins, also a success in her own right" to sing, of coarse Cari,...

Show date changed at disney to the 23rd


The performance date of July 22nd at Downtown Disney has been changed to Friday night the 23rd from 6-10pm. Plus Guy Maturo will be on electronic percussion/drums.

Truly Eve single set for release


"Truly Eve" is set to be released as a single in June. It will be available as Digital Download only and at the normal online Distributors, iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby, Rhapsody, etc. The single will consist of the "Infinity" album version of "Truly Eve", plus a remix, and a bonus song "EvenFall" that will not be on the "Infinity" album. Here is the cover art...


Infinity track list (update)

Well it has been a bit of time working on this project so I thought I would update everyone on the track list so far on completed songs and others in process. These songs are in no specific order and some are subject to change... Infinty: completed 1.Shadowless 2.Shadowless(C.O. mix) 3.Love 4.A Promise 5.NeverTech 6.Blueshift 7.Chances 8.So Lost 9.Truly Eve : in process 10.Tears in Rain (Lyrical) 11.My World (Lyrical) 12.Infinity 13.TBA 14.TBA

New Sanctuary CD's on the way!


After coming to the end of another run of Santuary CD's, I will have the new batch repressed in the Green 4 Panel Wallets, very much like the new Carpe Diem repress. They are made from 100% recycled paper and contain only the plastic of the CD itself. Contrary to most peoples beliefs, they are more expensive to press than the Standard 4 Panel Jewel Cases that I used before. the product will be better and the CD's are now encoded with all the text info, so if you put the Cd in your car the Artist, Track, and Album will show in text. Other than that, 4 shows the week of X-mas and I will be busy, so Merry Christmas to all of you, Cheers! Troy MATURO

Forever is sold out for now.

During my last show at Disneyland on September 10th I sold the last Forever album in stock. Forever will be repressed and available in a few weeks and there are a few physical CD's left at and, or it is available for digital download at all online stores...

MATURO is in at Disneyland


After only performing since May three months ago, MATURO is in at Disneyland, CA USA. We played a last minute show after receiving a call from managment that morning, It went off very well and got us a performing contract for the downtown area. So it looks like we will be regulars with a few dates every month there, our first schedule dates for August should be in by the end of July!

Live shows to resume May 2 2009

After many years the first set of live shows are here. It all begins May 2 2009 and bookings will continue from now on. See the Calendar page to see the dates!

Piano compilation album is now available.


Due to alot of feedback, I have decided to release a album entitled "Piano-all the pieces". It is a compilation of piano tracks from the Sanctuary, Forever, Carpe Diem albums, Plus 3 unreleased tracks that will be on the forth-coming album "Infinity". The project is available at Cdbaby, iTunes, Amazon and other distributors. Here is the cover design!
piano album image


I have recently been working with other artists, mainly female vocalists to expand my field of music. It is consisting of licensing existing music for them to sing to and working on new music to support their vocal tracks. I will post links and more news when some tracks are finished.


I have been working on my next album titled INFINITY. I hope to have it released towards the middle of 2009. The album will stay inline with the known MATURO style, but I do hope to push the creative limit just a bit. INFINITY should have between 10 and 14 tracks with the usual remixes. The first completed song titled SHADOWLESS is uploaded on the MATURO profile. Check it out!

Live Performances


I have been working on setting up for the live shows and since it has been some time since I played live, remembering the parts that I play on each song and the allocations of the sounds on the keyboards has been a challenge. It is coming back bit by bit as I have over 2 ½ hours of music to relearn. I hope to be ready for a show by early 2009. The only thing is that it is taking away from my work on the next album…That might get pushed back to late 2009.

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