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The music industry is changing every year with more and more people buying, listening, and sometimes even watching their favorite bands and acts online. So the need to be at the vanguard of these trends is the way of the future in music. Venues in Southern California, where I live with my family, are becoming fewer and fewer. The competition for gigs is getting fiercer and fiercer. So I'm faced with a choice - continue to perform at gigs in the area, or spend that time creating new tracks for dedicated fans each month. So this page is dedicated towards those fans who want to hear new songs ASAP, and before new music is available on iTunes, CDBaby, etc.  

If you like listening to what I do, Patreon is a cool and convenient way to stay connected.  Plus it's immediate.  You don't have to hunt me down to see if I've got anything new - you'll be the first to automatically receive new releases. Check it out!

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